Friday, July 9, 2010

Money Matters

Not sure if I've told you all this before but it bears repeating. I/we discovered that the approximate amount of tithing that we paid to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since T and I married 10 years ago approximately matches the amount of 'bad debt' we currently have.

Now, some of this money will have gone to very worthy causes.. percentage? I don't know. Some of it unfortunately will have funded other types of things, things which I have only heard about since leaving the church.

So, I am looking at ways to recoup those losses. Returning some funds to myself. Apologising profusely to the LGBT community. Redirecting my available funds to better causes. Forgiving myself for being uninformed about the Church's activities.


  1. Ouch! I bet that revelation stung! But you are not alone - there are plenty of people out there that have never paid a cent of tithing with loads of debt - if the church didn't relieve you of all that (extra) cash, sinning would have ;)
    I still think you could write a book and become a billionare- have you heard that song???

  2. I guess I'm not sinning hard enough yet, I had a look at our expenditure on sinful substances and could only come up with approx. one quarter of the cost of tithing!

    Haven't heard that song. Thanks for the compliment, I'm a pretty amateur writer though. Not sure how much longer I want to write about Mormonism either.

  3. It goes- "I wanna be a billionare, so frickin ba-ad..."

    Did you get the other song lyrics I emailed you ;)

    I bet If you'd been sinning for the last 32 years it would add up though. And another 10years of takeaway coffees should put you over the top B)

    You could write about other stuff- you not all about being/not-being a Mormon, Maureen. Try fiction? Chick Lit, I love that stuff.


  4. Sure did! guess when we got a visit from those door-to-door jesus lovers? 10am on a sunday morning, the night before T and I had polished off a bottle of champagne and a bottle of red at our fave restaurant for our anniversary. I was still in bed. T said it was a weird experience telling missionaries that he wasn't interested especially having been a missionary himself. I now realise how intrusive it is when people come to your home and try to 'save your soul'.

    I need to start reading more, lots more, then I should be in the right zone to try some more writing. I'm lucky to have the option to take getting back into work at my own pace :O)

  5. Haha! I had a neighbour (when I lived in flats) that would answer the door to bible bashers in the nude- still didn't deter them, they would still stand there and preach but he says he loved how awkward they were.

  6. weird!

    hey, so I went out tonight with some girlfriends and I spent about $60 on alcohol and club entry... that's a first for me... I'm beginning to see how this could add up!