Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Stockings

A friend of mine organised 7 friends to make little stocking stuffers for each others children. We make 12 items each (there’s 12 children to us 7 mums) then the organiser mum is going to collect them all and send them out. So I will end up with 6 home-made stocking stuffers for each of my 2 kids that they will not have watched me make.


  1. Hi 'Kelly Family', do you know I grew up in a 'Kelly Family', I thought for a minute that my bros and sis's had got together and commented en masse!

    I'll try to draw a crude pattern for the mermaid soon. The dragon will be tricky because of copyright. I'll ask the mum that I got it from when school goes back in a few weeks.

    I'll also post a link to my blog for a place to start looking for patterns.

    Sorry for the looong delay, I gave up on blogging as soon as I started but now I'm interested again.