Thursday, November 25, 2010

Video Evidence

I was doing some deleting today and found a few old videos you might be interested in.

This video is about 4 years old so we were still in the Mormon State of Mind.  Thought you might enjoy my daughters rendition of a favourite Primary song :)

Then there is this gem of which I am quite proud as it reassures me that we threw in a healthy balance of godlessness whilst still in 'the Trance'.  Look out for the booger meal!

... and finally, some evidence that supports those TBM accusations of my immodesty prior to leaving the Church.

To be fair I had just got back from the gym!


  1. Yes, I can see the seeds of apostasy! ;-)

  2. hehe, yes we were so obviously going to leave the church eventually hey... the evidence is quite clear! (eye-roll).

  3. hahaha, toby you cheeky (pun intended Mau Mau) bugger! love it