Monday, October 31, 2011

Yo! Sickos...

Seriously you guys... I neglect my blog for a few days (weeks) and THIS is what you all get up to!!! Who the hell registered all of those votes for the kissing challenge over there for my new 30-day challenge? Hmmm?

Or did Dude create 22 new blogger profiles!


I've been lazy and not started the meditation challenge (how lazy does a person have to be to not LIE DOWN?!!) so I will take my medicine and begin the new challenge you have set for me.

30 days of 10 second minimum kissing.

What if I'm not that fond of Dude on a particular day huh? what then? you didn't think of that now did you...

I'll write a bit of a journal as I go along and report back every now and then (Wednesdays seem to be my main blogging days... Wicked Wednesdays we'll call them).

Rah! Kissing! Seriously, you're all perverts! but that's why I love you.


  1. I like the blog redesign. It looks nice! (For the record - I think I voted for the Photo a day challenge a while ago.)

  2. Love the line - (how lazy does a person have to be to not LIE DOWN?!!)

    And, it wasn't me. I voted for letters I think.

    Good luck with the kissing challenge! ;)

  3. very suspicious Dude!

    Thanks Sulli ... I can't help tinkering with it all the time ;)

    and TGIAA - my laziness has reached new heights, to be sure.

    Looking forward to trying out the photo and letter ones too; now if only I would commit to a starting day for the kiss challenge.... procrastinaaaaaaaaaation.

  4. The sooner you start it the sooner it will be over and done with? Just get some mouthwash first? ;P

  5. I'm intrigued by your template tinkering as well.

    I like the title font on your masthead, but I wasn't aware you'd become a pirate.

    Blogs of the Caribbean, yarr.

  6. Hooray! The Kiss challenge wins! I voted for that one. Maybe all us old married folks should try that one. :)

  7. Wow, you really know your fonts Daniel!

    Would love to hear how it goes for you if you try it out Mandy! I am working on liking Dude atm, then I will start the challenge :/ TMI? yes, yes it is.