Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Do you buy it?

I seriously hope against this one BUT I also seriously doubt that it occurs; so my world is not rocked by the possibility.

I was shocked that Rockstar was all for it though. Was he just being argumentative (his favourite hobby) or did he really mean it when he said that being horribly abused would be an experience of sorts???!!!

I had just stated that I did not care to play Russian roulette with the human/animalian(?) experience... You could come back as a bug or some animal that humans love to eat or as a skeleton child in East Africa or the child of a psychopath or something equally terrifying. This is one of those times where I am the pessimist, the most pessimistic pessimist you ever saw too! I mean, seriously. I think I was pretty damned lucky to be born where and when I was; and in the skin I am in; and with the opportunities I have. Sure, I'd love to have another crack at life if I could don a second privileged bodysuit but I think the odds are ridiculously stacked against us that we would come back in a form/body that would have acceptably desirable opportunities for a happy existence.

What do you think? Am I looking at the world through murky lenses or do I speak truth?


  1. Yeah, I agree with you. I truly hope against reincarnation because of what you said - the odds of coming back as someone in a good circumstance are slim to none. I used to be the Eternal Optimist, but anymore I'm just not. Not negative really, but not eternally hopeful either. Since leaving Mormonism, I'm much more realistic about things and less apt to put on the rose-colored glasses. A good thing, IMO.

  2. I forgot to write in the original post about how the idea that I could be born into a situation where I might spend my life horribly abused reminds me once again of how much of our world I HAVE to ignore at times in order to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Knowing that some people suffer horribly and that many people do suffer makes me cringe with guilt for complaining about my own incomparable struggles. The idea of reincarnation to me IS offensive to those in horrible situations... almost like, "don't worry, you'll get another chance" just like the heaven BS story. Sounds like another excuse to not eradicate famine NOW. Hard not to be consumed by negativity when I look at the mess the world is in ... But it must be faced for the sake of my children and their children etc etc. I may not believe in reincarnation but I do need to face facts that people who alive NOW need my help and people will continue to be born into rotten situations and they need me to DO something to help.

  3. Yeah, that is seriously risky. We live like kings. I don't think I'd get this lucky again.

    Although, the odds are getting somewhat better as time goes on. A hundred years from now and I might say okay.

    And if there's any latent memory, that would change my mind entirely.

  4. Mmmmm yes latent memory would change the whole thing... certainly possible for an other wordly reincarnation but I'm pretty sure most of the bozos here in this world (including me) don't remember anything at ALL from any 'past life'.

  5. What if you had latent memory and then came back as a Giant Sequoia? Human-level intellect in a very long-lived immobile form? Wouldn't that drive you mad? On the other hand, what if George W. Bush came back as a donkey? Fitting and funny. Reincarnation is either terrifying or hilarious. I could perhaps bring myself to like the idea if there was some sort of justice factor to it so that those who suffer in one life are guaranteed a better existence in the next and those who do horrible things in one life come back as prey.

  6. oh of course, I hadn't thought about that... so not a random reincarnation but one based on your efforts? cool, yeah... that could work. Unfortunately that suggests that there have been ALOT of people being naughty in their past lives if you look at the numbers of disenfranchised today... the 99%. the next round of births should then show us a world full of prosperous healthy humans with 1% of people suffering ;) sigh. I can't get away from the horrible randomness of pain and suffering and then the fuelling of that by real nasty people. This world, this life ... it's mad. I am sooooooo grateful to have been born where I am and into the circumstances I have been... I have a life worth living. So many others do not. They would if they were born into different circumstances. It's a horrible lottery. I hope I can do something to help in my life-span.