Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Questions/Thoughts about Plural Marriage

What is the earliest recorded plural marriage 'ordained by God'?

How was plural marriage in Joseph Smiths time a part of the 'restoration of all things"? Adam and Eve did not practice it, surely this would have been a time when 'raising up seed' was of utmost importance.

Suspending my belief that the Bible is fictitious, weren't the prophets just practicing plural marriage in accordance with their cultural traditions? What makes anyone think that such traditions would be necessary or welcome today?

People sometimes told me not to worry about plural marriage because I would get to be a 'first wife'. Well if I would not want to be a second, third, fourth, fifth etc... wife then why the fuck would I be 'happy' to put someone else in that position. NO ONE should ever have to be ranked in this way. This stinks of men first, women second .... and now thanks to JS there is ranking amongst the women. I think JS and his mates were afraid of women, misunderstood women and disrespected women. They tried to control women.

Mormons, your theology allows for plural marriage. Look into it! Don't just accept the old "We'll have the answers in the next life" shizzit. A member of my old Stake Presidency said to me that his understanding is that - Plural Marriage will be reinstated, either in the Millennium or in the next life and this includes sexual relations (I add that part because many members try to console themselves with the idea that plural marriage in the next life will be non-sexual).

What drugs are these people on?

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