Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Me, random guy and my friend

I had a great weekend. My good friend had her Hens celebration on the Saturday. We spent the afternoon at a beauty salon; then had a fancy and civilised dinner with the mother and mother-in-law etc before moving the party into Northbridge for some riotous living. It was so much fun... the whole day that is. I think the part you will be most interested in though occured in the wee hours of the morning.

As soon as we got to the bar we made fast work of some tequila shots and then cooled off with some Vodka and lime. We were very popular with out pink fluff, shot glass necklasses and bridal veil. I recommend donning these costume pieces if you're up for a night of making instant short-term friends!

We found the crowd to be very friendly and at times a little too eager. New experience for me - making my way from the bar to the dance floor and random arms reaching out to try and entice you to dance with them. Tip no. 1: Walk fast! eyes ahead... then use the move my dad taught me where you twist your arm out of their grip in one swift move leaving unknown Romeo spinning.

The thing I'd like to natter about with you is this. I removed my wedding rings soon after leaving the Church. I wanted to find myself and I felt that the real bare bones me needed to be stripped of this worldly symbol of ownership.  Now before you all get started 1.) Rockstar has never worn a wedding ring 2.) I love him more and more every day! Our relationship rocks (In fact I was especially 'in love' with him when I got home from receiving so much positive attention that night... TMI, probably).

It just so happened that this guy asked if I were single and before I could open my mouth one of my friends said "She's married and she's got kids!". Hmmm. I wasn't annoyed that she had done that but it sure did start a tiresome exchange. So then this guy was all up in arms about me not being allowed to go out without my wedding ring on. I asked him why and he said "because you're hot!" Gee, thanks (blush).  I told him that my husband doesn't wear a ring and that I just wanted to go out and be me and have great conversations with people without having to be labelled as married. I asked him if he would have still hung out with me if I had worn the ring and he said he would have so good on him for that. I asked again what was wrong with me just wanting to be me minus the ring and he said that I was owned and that I had to show people that!!! Ok, back up a second, you said what?!! Ugh! I could not believe it. I let him know just what I though about his ownership hang up and I hope that I got through. Anyway this guy still hung around and I should add that he remained friendly throughout the night, he just had some very full on things to say. He harped on about it at random intervals but otherwise we all had a good night.

Being new to the world of pubs and flirtation I'd love to hear your opinions. Am I naive? messing with mens heads? Can they take it? Can we all just have good, clean, flirtatious fun or am I being mean? I had a good time. Did they?


  1. we're all bloody crazy! his brand of crazy just clashed with my brand of crazy on that night.

  2. Seems like this guy doesn't want to take another man's goods...good grief. What if you weren't married, but were still in a committed relationship??? I'm glad you were still able to have fun despite the crazy.

  3. Hey there Kaylanamars :)

    Next time the only info I want anyone to give away about me is that I am NOT single. That is all anyone needs to know. I don't go to pubs to discuss my marriage/feminism/labels etc etc. Looks like I learned the hard way (again!) to work on a 'need to know' strategy.

  4. I don't wear a wedding ring anymore, but it's because I got so fat that it won't fit! :-P

  5. Mb lost his ring a long time ago and I wear mine off an on. Sometimes I go months without it. This gets me in trouble. Not in bars, but at church. Ha. A ring is a ring is a ring - doesn't have anything to do with who or what I am.

    I would love to go out dancing w/ you and your rowdy friends.

  6. Exactly, and for me the ring became a symbol of oppression and I am so happy to not be wearing it. I know that is probably a reaction on the more extreme end of things but well I guess a bit of dysfunction can be healthy when going through major life changes...

    Oh that would be just excellent! It's a date, see you on a dance floor sometime :)