Thursday, September 9, 2010

Through the Eye of the Tiger

After 6 months of Down Dogs, Crocodiles, Cobras, Sun Warriors, Airplanes, Stars, Swans, Locusts, Cat Stretches, Pyramids, not to mention butt squeezing (seriously this has got to be the most commonly used coaching cue "squeeze your butt"!!!) I am finally certified, yay!

I received my certification in the mail a few weeks ago and just realised that I have not yet shared this exciting piece of news with you. So now I can get paid more, I can register with Fitness Australia and I can feel further accomplished.

One of the tips in the notes I received was to find times in each track where I can talk less and allow the music to teach. I said to one of my regular classes "Talk less? my husband could have told me that!"

The 3 day intensive course that got me started on this journey 6 months ago was far more challenging than I had expected. I had thought "I've been going Body Balance for 7 years, this will be fun", well it was fun but it was a lot more than that. I came close to tears on the first day when I realised how far off I was from being able to transform my good technique into something that I could teach. I felt as though I was speaking a different language than the master instructor. I would listen to the beat in the music and try to get the timing and then move and then count and then talk!!! aye-yae-yae-yae! I honestly doubted my ability to pass this stage of the journey.

I practiced and I did have a few tears at home. I drew in my strength and applied myself. Then when we had our final assessment I gave it all I had and I felt great. By this stage I was expecting to gain a conditional pass but... the surprise and pride I felt when the master trainer gave me the full pass to trainee was immense. After the difficult months that I had experienced previous to this endeavour I felt tremendously lucky and satisfied to have been able to prove to myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

The journey continued with team-teaching, launches, workshops and many hours of practice. I have felt my body grow stronger and leaner. I have experienced a deeper awareness of the mind and body connection. I have challenged my previous fears of performing. It has been an exciting and demanding journey but so inspiring for me. Thank you to the people who encouraged and supported me. This is an achievement that will continue to be advanced and that will benefit myself and others for the rest of my life.



  1. Congratulations! I marvel at any kind of exercise instructor - I cannot fathom being able to talk calmly, much less helpfully, when I am exercising. I would like to go to a gym, but as it is now, it works out for me to use videos and jog in my neighborhood. The point of this is that I hear many of the same motivating slogans. I found them unbearable at first. Openly mocked them. But I've found myself thinking about them a lot lately in regards to other stuff in my life. "Decide. Commit. Succeed." It's really true. My favorite as of late is "nothing difficult comes easy." I can't tell you how many times I've said that to myself while working on my latest project.

    What a great accomplishment! It sounds like something you enjoy, which makes it that much sweeter. Next time I'm in Perth, I'll know which class to go to:) Congrats again -

  2. Thanks Mendy. I sometimes think my calm voice is sounding more monotone and dull but it seems to be on those days that I get specific comments about how relaxing my voice was. Last night I taught someone else's regular class and one of the participants came up afterwards and said that they felt so great from the class, all stretched out and loosened up, they were really happy. This has been an unexpected pay off, seeing other people enjoy themselves and get a great workout.

    I just can't do some of those slogans... yet, or ever? I stick to the specific cues of body parts and breath. I still cringe at the idea of saying "Open your heart" or "own this!" or "find the body balance spirit". They're all nice things to say but I just know that if I were to try it as I am right now I would sound like a git so I don't. There's enough talking in there anyway, time for silence... and you have to be yourself, people don't like it when you're fake.

    Good luck with your latest project, have you blogged about it yet?

    You make it sound like popping down to Perth could happen anytime you choose, wouldn't that be 'magical' (using Body Balance phraseology there, trying it out)

  3. I'll expect a full report on the day you use "open your heart" without choking on your own laughter.

  4. Congratulations Maureen! Isn't it funny how we doubt ourselvs so much even when we are obviously competent (obvious to others, not us).

    Can't wait for the "open your heart" post, too.

    What is the "Namaste" link at the bottom???

  5. LOL! the word verification was "SUPPLE"

    Blogger is reading your posts, Mau!

  6. Thanks TGIAA. That self-doubt sure does like to creep in, I wonder if it has anything to do with our survival instincts??

    Namaste is a word that often gets said at the end of Yoga classes.

    Cheeky Blogger!!