Thursday, December 16, 2010

A year in pictures

Phoenicia and Toby in Kings Park

Canaan and cousin Holly

love the attitude, hope it lasts!

eherm, my reasons are my own ;) 
Christmas '09

Canaan having fun at Bobo's (Grandad's)

putting on a play


looking the part

ready for the stage

learning the art of hiding your hand

that would be 6 candles

a new cousin... Teagan (born May 31st 2010)

Canaan graduates Kindy

Scitech fans

photographer :)


  1. Good times! I love your kids' glasses. They are stinkin cute. And I'm jealous of your tank top. I've got my reasons.

  2. I love their glasses too. Canaan chose his own (Nicia did too) but Toby didn't approve of them (Canaans' that is) :P so we just purchased them when Toby wasn't around... you have to love your own glasses not someone elses! Anyway I love them too, I think they highlight his blue eyes even more.

    As for the tank top (aka singlet - in Aussie speak) I feel your pain, a fashionista like yourself must balk at restrictions but you make it work, I love the Sunday threads! The freedom is wasted on me, I mostly just throw something on... have never really put much thought into fashion and prefer to hang out in my yoga clothes these days :)

  3. Love the pictures, your family is so cute!
    p.s. T is hawt!