Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 'Into My Arms' and my mind (and heart) went of course to my own Rockstar and I just felt an overwhelming desire to do anything that I could to contribute to his happiness. I think I've been a bit insular and self-absorbed lately and it's getting to be a bit much. As soon as I acknowledged this desire to help someone else I realised an improvement in my own mood. Ironically I am now thinking about the benefit to myself that comes from helping others BUT well does pure altruism actually exist? Anyway, god I love listening to Nick Cave! I love music for that matter. Music is my church; this is where I heal my hurts.


  1. I love Faithless and God is a DJ, what a great song. Maureen, I'm with you, music affects me in such a strong way when the lyrics are done right.

  2. "Into my Arms" is me and MB's song. Yes, we are dorky enough to have "a song" but at least it's a good one, eh?

  3. Oh that is awesome! The Nick Cave version? Is there even another version? I'm a bit star struck when it comes to Nick Cave. Rockstar and I went to a Nick Cave exhibition at the museum last year. Ha! he's still alive and had a museum exhibition, so Nick Cave. Oh nd we saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at an outdoor venue a couple of years ago and it is still the best concert I have ever been to, Yes, even better than the U2 concert last week when we were in the Inner Circle!! oooh, brag brag.

    ... but yes, an excellent song for 'your song'. How did it become 'your song'? Is there a story?