Friday, March 25, 2011

Adult Content

What a blast I am having... sitting here listening to triple j (the hottest radio station in the world!) oh Adalita how I love you!!! Oh oh and the Jezabels, mm mmmmm!
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This week I stumbled across Mormon Gags; just perfect for some much needed laughter.

I got into a lengthy but educational (for me) debate about censorship and the Adult industry. Also check out this awesome submission to the 'Inquiry into the regulation of billboard and outdoor advertising' by the Eros Association.  

A Mormon commenter who likes to say 'hell' and 'bitch' called me disgraceful and selfish (comment no.13 and 26)

... and I received some glowing praise from my favourite Parisian 

Oh and I got a bit kinky over at Erika Lust's blog, where you can find modern feminine porn! Hence the new warning page when you enter blackbikini just letting you know that there is easy access to pink bits if you click on the wrong (or right) link!

...and then there's the Great Wall of Vagina!


  1. sorry the music is a bit jumpy, I'll try to get a better version

  2. Great Wall of Vagina - brilliant. Funny it should take a man to point out how very different our labia are but I'm glad someone's saying it. I'm feeling the labia love today. Thank you!

  3. Me again. I seem to be posting as my blog 'The Devil has her Period'. I'd prefer to post as me, Simonne, but I can't work this thing out. I'm much better with a quill and ink.

    Wow, those 'Anonymous' comments are so many things: laughable, horrifying, unbelievable but also unsurprising. I'd like to say this person is just the 'shit in the cookie' (to quote one commentator's wonderful metaphor), but it's ignorant people like this who are influencing our governments, our policy and our rights. I'm not sure what to do here. How do we reason with the unreasonable?

    Erika Lust's porn is good. As I was away for a month, I didn't get much, ahem, 'me time'. I'll be correcting this today. And tomorrow. ;)

  4. Yeah, your older comments have you as Simonne. Were all of those comments from the same computer? Is it just since you returned to Paris that it has you as your blog name?

    The unreasonable person is in a trance. I read somewhere recently that when you encounter 'sheep mentality' aka brainwashing that it only takes one or two people to offer a different view to get the brainwashed to have a sliver of thought and hopefully break the herd mentality and have people start thinking for themselves. So I guess we just keep on talking, writing, reading and being awesome :D

    Glad you're enjoying Erika Lust's blog. Rockstar sure is glad I found it ;)