Monday, June 13, 2011

NOH8 photo shoot in Perth

There's going to be a NOH8 photo shoot in Perth in August. Who wants to come with me???
Here's some info:

The shoot we’re planning will be shot on a Sunday from a home studio (Beckenham/Cannington area) in late August, we want to try and get as many people in as possible so we’re aiming for 1-2 people every fifteen minutes. After looking at the responses there will be a small cost involved of $25 which will need to be paid before your shoot BUT this includes:
- Professional photographer
- Food / drinks 

- MUA through the day for touch ups, if needed.

- Supplies for the shoot (duct tape and tattoos/paint)

- Email copies of your photo with light re-touching.
Any extra or left over money we receive will be donated to the WA AIDS foundation.
The shoot will require you to turn up within your delegated hour (shoot will run from 11am-4pm) wearing a white top of any sort, preferably denim bottoms and your hair and makeup ready to go! We will either temp tattoo or paint “NOH8” on you when you arrive, then you can enjoy some food and drink until your turn in front of the camera!
Now as we want as many people as possible, if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, child, parent or friend who wants to come along then bring them! (Just be sure to let us know before hand!) No race, age or gender discrimination here! If you want to bring someone (with the exception of children) they’ll only be charged $5 on the day if they want a paired shot with you! If individual shots are wanted then it's still $25 each.

So if you're interested either email Mark at
or email/fb message/call me and I'll add you to my application.

You can also 'like' them on fb

and check out examples of photos here.


  1. Wish I was back, I would do it. Let me know dates when it's sorted hun and you never know :) Nat x

  2. i'm in! are your kids going too? Nikita wants to do it too!

  3. How about we do a paired shot together if you are in Perth, that way you won't need to book a spot bcos you can be in mine? plus then it's only $5 for you :D

    hmm, kids? I'm sure they'd love to but at $25 each I'm not sure I will. I'll have a good think about it though. We could always do our own cheaper photo shoot w/the kids using tape/face paint and white shirts?

  4. oops, para one was addressed to Nat, para two to Kath
    I'm sure you already figured that out...

  5. Sounds like a great money making scam to me!

  6. NOt sure if you read the details properly Anonymous. Once costs are covered (there's a list up there in the pink section of what the $25 covers) and if there is any money left over it is being donated to the WA AIDS Foundation. So... which part is a scam?

    BTW, everyone who is interested - the cut off for applications is now Sat 25th June. Email Mark to get a form sent to you if you want to be a part of it. I've added Nat, Kath and 2 other friends who contacted me on fb to my application (w/Nat as a paired shot just in case you won't be in Perth on that date) xo

  7. Still sounds like a scam... I mean $25 for what...
    1. A single photo.
    2. Some 'snacks' presumably pretzels or chips & some sandwiches with a can of drink which you can only enjoy 'until your turn in front of the camera'.
    3. A MUA you won't use because you have to arrive with 'hair & make-up ready to go'.
    4. A piece of duct tape or drawn on by someone using re-used markers.
    5. An email.

    I think I might give my $25 to a real charity like Princess Margaret Hospital and not some money hungry photographer and his/her army of thieving helpers.

  8. I feel like I'm talking to a wall. I am happy to pay $25 for this photo (as are plenty of people) AND I am happy for the photographer to be paid properly.

    Are you trying to say that the WA AIDS foundation is not a 'real' charity??

    I think maybe you are hoping that I will point out the bleeding obvious retort about the Mormon church being a prime example of a "money hungry" institution. I guess the starving kids in Africa are happy that the Mormons have a nice new big Mall to buy their 'wimples and crisping pins'.

    I wish you would send your money to PMH rather than the LDS church (yes I am assuming you are Mormon).

  9. OK... back the truck up. I never said I was a fucking Mormon.

    Your assumptions are somewhat ridiculous, Maureen. But then again... I knew you would try and attack me as a person instead of dealing with the issue. And from what I've read on your blog, this is a common occurrence when backed into a corner.

    The WA Aids Foundation is a wonderful charity and does some wonderful work. My issue is not with them. My issue is with the whole NOH8 Campaign 'created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley'. According to the website ( NOH8 is a charitable organisation itself, yet I see no evidence of charity. What I am seeing is that their intentions APPEAR good but really they seem to be lining there pockets by charging a 'small fee' and giving very little, if any, to REAL charities.

  10. “ …a fucking Mormon.”

    So I take it you are not Mormon then?

    I made an assumption (w/I admitted to) bcos you have posted anonymously so I know nothing about you other than I think you are from Western Australia bcos of the PMH reference and I think you may be homophobic. I haven’t attacked you; I’ve made an assumption about you. Why? bcos you seem to be attacking the NOH8 campaign, calling it’s organisers “money hungry” and “thieving helpers”.

    I see your concern. You think that the NOH8 org is not living up to it’s claims to be a charity. I’d suggest that there are different ways of being charitable. From the NOH8 website - “Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign are used to promote and raise awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign." I think that this is a charitable act. They have found a way to get people involved in a campaign to promote awareness of the basic human right to be treated as equals regardless of gender, age, skin colour, sexual orientation etc etc.

    On a local level it looks like the NOH8 campaign selects local charities to donate to when conducting their photo shoots.

    Charitable organisations still have paid positions and people get paid for their services. I still don’t see any evidence of a scam?