Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some interesting things that were said to me this week

that I am "...suddenly determined to bring down the evil with my apparent newly accquired self-righteousness..."

I understand where the author of this comment is coming from. To them I sound loud and angry and, well self-righteous. But am I really? I'd like to think that what has been newly acquired is a VOICE! and the realisation that my opinion does count and that I am free to think and read and speak and write. I am free to converse with people and disagree with them. I am free to speak out if I think that there are injustices afoot. And everyone is free to do all of these same things too. Disagree with me. I want you to. I want to be forever open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. Self-righteous? I don't see it. 

and later this (same author) "If one wants to hate on the LDS church for having views peculiar to some instead of concentrating on being a good Atheist, go for it! If not, and contention is a high priority in one’s life, go all the way and do it to ALL the religions and Atheists that view similarly!! If I want to put the gloves on, why go after the little kid in the yard when you can take down the big bully!! And there are 4+ billion ‘bullies’ out there, have a field day!! One can enjoy several lifetimes of pugilism with old school Battle Royale!!"

I like to think that I 'hate' on the LDS church at the same time as being a 'good' atheist rather than "instead of" :P 

...and I'd just like to add the now tedious reminder that I am against the LDS church, not it's people.

Is contention a high priority in my life? God I hope not. I think that I like to "kick against the pricks", and when I say 'like' I mean that I consider it to be worth doing. It hurts like hell at times (damned prickly pricks)  but what am I doing here in this priviledged white educated girls skin if I don't use my voice in some hope-full/less attempt to give voice to others. For a while that dialogue has screamed about Mormon stinkshit but I am moving on. There are (as my friend* and quasi-conscience points out) many religions and bullies to tackle. I'll get to them. The one that I am currently trying to cut out of my brain is Mormonism so, just give me a minute. 

As for the LDS church being "the little kid in the yard"??... 1.) pointing to a bigger bully does not absolve the smaller bully. 2.) I think that there are many dead gay Mormons who would disagree with you, if they were alive to do so. 

I appreciate my friend*'s "passion" as another friend* called it. And I am gratefully aware that the pain I felt as I read the words was much less than what it has been in the past. My hide is toughening up. That doesn't mean I'll shut up (as you can see) but my blood pressure is a lot better these days. 

*Please note dear friends that I continue to mean friend when I say friend. I hope the anonymity of this post is sufficient. May the dialogue continue. 


  1. I'm sorry. I've gotten similar words thrown at me too.

  2. Unfortunately Mormons just can't see the hypocrisy of their stand against those who "leave the church, but will never leave the church alone." Considering the fact that they consider themselves "within the world, but not of the world." That is: having left the world but not leaving the world alone, as is testified by their missionary efforts and evangelical culture and doctrine. Anyone who vocally leaves the church has to deal with it and it gets kinda tiring, especially when it comes from people who you'd thought were more intelligent!

  3. For one, who is this person to say how you go about your process of leaving the church behind? Everyone goes about these emotions differently, as they can be very painful and cause much anger. Your way of coping and processing what your going through is by writing your feelings and frustrations because it feels good for you. If this person doesn't like it, I suggest they stop reading YOUR blog. It isn't about them, it's about you. Keep writing, I love reading about your journey!

  4. Is today Wednesday? June phone and computor says wed...maybe you are on the other side of the world...BTW nice blog :)

  5. It's cool Beck. I have finally reached a place where these sorts of careless remarks just don't sting anymore. Mostly I just get exasperated and find it hard to gather the energy to reply to them. But I do want to try to continue relationships with people from my past even w/ a giant elephant like Mormonism in the room. Sorry that you too have had similar things said to you, it sort of helps to know that it happens a lot (i.e. we're not alone), at the same time it really sucks to know that it happens a lot.

    I think the person who made the above comments will continue the dialogue and I am hopeful about understanding each other better.

    Hey mack samaha, it must be one of THE most annoying things about Mormon culture... the label that is so widely circulated that anyone who doesn't leave quietly is just denying belief. And as you say, how odd to complain about not being 'left alone' whilst being one of the most annoying religions in the world, door to door cheese.

    Thanks Anonymous :D yes I am in Australia so we're living in the future here. I'm glad you enjoy the blog, it seems to help some people out, including me ;D

  6. Never actually knew about the LDS until this post. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  7. Thanks Copyboy :D Trey Parker and Matt Stone can fill you in on the rest of Mormonism. Check out their South Park ep. about Joseph Smith (it is quite factual, embarrassingly enough for Mo's) and they have also written a broadway musical 'The Mormons'... that should get you up to speed on the LDS.