Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eleven Years Baby!


2011 ...Duende Tapas after Bodhi J massages 


  1. aw, you people were so darn cute!!!!! you still are of course. Happy anniversary! You havent killed each other, I think that alone is cause for celebration!

  2. Tell me about it! I have thrown a clock down the stairs which smashed on the wall making a bloody mess. I have punched a hole in the bathroom door. Toby has punched a dent in the fridge, broken a kids table and mangled our gate, you know the one that is now really difficult to open and it creaks at night, that one.

    But we have kept out hands off each other (?) um, I think I may have pummelled his chest once but he just laughed :P

    11 friggen' years it should say! Glorious but hard- fought years. Plenty of passion I suppose. I'll put my hand up for another 11 at least :)

  3. Thanks Fleen and Kiley :D the kids are going to Pemberton with their grandparents for the whole weekend!!! so Toby and I will do some serious celebrating then... photos? maybe.

  4. That is a damned cute picture of you two. Congratulations.

  5. 11 years. What an adventure. Nico and I are a long way off that - about to hit five years. May we all continue learning, loving, living. Happy Anniversary M and T.

  6. Woo hoo! We need an "after shot." I think you two should re-enact this photo. I hope you have fun plans and I hope to hear about the celebration:) And congratulations...

  7. Congratulations. Loving and being loved is what it's all about.

  8. Thanks Bowie :) Thanks and HI! you Daft Scots Lass ;)
    Thanks Sim, we worked out it's 15 years since we first hooked up (nearly half my life) so now I feel kinda worn out :P
    Thanks Donna :) Yes AngryBaker I had all these intentions to post an "after-shot" yesterday but between Tobys work, my work and the kids Winter Festival Celebration at school complete with bonfire and spiral walks we just didn't get a moment for the paparazzi to catch us. I'll see what I can do photo wise this weekend :)
    Thanks Retief... it sure is! :D