Friday, August 19, 2011

I double dare you!


Crickets everywhere, yes I know.

However I have decided to take my linguist friend up on the challenge to blog every day in September. This will be sure to elicit info from me that you never needed/wanted to know so be sure to stay tuned :P

Oooh yeah, and if there's anything you want to ask me or whatever then shoot!


  1. Wow. That's a big challenge. I don't know if I could commit to much more than once a week. I look forward to reading your daily posts!

  2. I know!!! I think I will end up cursing myself or at myself or something like that. Did I not learn after my attempt to do the 365 days of photos challenge?? I made it to day 75. OR that puzzle of the cosmos when I got to the black endless sky and shuffled pieces around b4 giving that up too... well I'm just as interested as anyone to see if I can do it. I am hoping it will actually mean that I have to probe even deeper into my psyche. BRING IT ON !!! :D

  3. Hi TGIAA :D

    Are you suggesting I release -

    a.) A legendary sea monster of gargantuan size.
    b.) A ridiculously tall person with insatiable hunger.
    c.) A large smelly turd.


  4. September is coming. You must be saving your strength for then.

  5. you know me too well now Retief! (there is a degree of dread about the prospect of EVERY day)

  6. Thank God/Aethisit!

    I said that to myself out loud this morning when I was getting ready. For no reason other than I hadn't heard it in ages. Anywhere.

    Maureen, Thanks for stopping by the blog today. It's so nice to get comments over there.

    I have a question for you. If I smoke pot in a foreign country where pot is legal and take a drug test for work 30 days later while the THC is still in my system,

    I did nothing illegal.


    should I be fired/not hired for drug use?

  7. oooh, I don't know how my sentences got jumbled up like that. Sorry.

  8. Yeah I was intending to upgrade from blogger but I am naturally lazy. Maybe September will be the month.

    Well, I am very jealous of your amazing recent holiday to Holland was it? ;)

    As you may guess, I am all for complete legalisation of marijuana. 'war on drugs' ?? how about a war on corporations trying to feed us fake food and taking away our rights to real food!

    But as usual I digress (and I know you're all on board w/the above foodie comments anyway)...

    soooo, legalities. (why me btw?)

    Oh!!! silly me, I just realised you were answering my question above where I asked for ideas to post about in September!!! awesome, thanks Mel :)