Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey AngryBaker ...
Marijuana Boy has been cropped back in. 
I took my sweet time getting aroundtoit
but I think you'll find them worth the wait.
Had you seen these pics b4?


  1. Yes, I've seen them. I love how surly they both look. Rockstar has always been his favorite part of the missionary experience. He would often send me pictures when I was in the Philippines and I would be so super jealous of all the fun stuff they would do. I still tease him that NZ is the cushiest assignment in the world.

  2. Tell me about it! Looking through his mission photos and hearing the stories ALMOST makes me wish I went on a mission too! - but Rockstar came home and made a wife out of me b4 I was old enough for a mission :P

    The missionaries certainly didn't want for food in NZ.