Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Anyone know the Faith No More song 'Collision'?

Mike Patton roars "Collision" and your skin and hair ignite... bloodrush, you're alive! It's the first word in the first song on 'Album of The Year' (those guys have no problems with self esteem!).

I'm expecting some hair-raising fun at the screening of 'Collision' this Thursday, 5 August at the University of Western Australia Tavern. UWA Atheist and Agnostic Society is putting on an event with the UWA Christian Union. There will be a screening of the film 'Collision' featuring Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson followed by discussion, yay!!!

Can't wait. See you there.

For more info visit Good Reason.


  1. Big Yay for adult conversation (fingers crossed) and designated drivers (T)!


  2. WOW. Just got home from the Collision event.

    What can I say? I have a sore throat. If it were possible (it's not) i would be even more aetheist now than before I went.

    The kitten missed me apparently. i think I would quickly get bored if I attended more of these events. The arguments are all the same.

    Actually one I hadn't heard before was (in argument to the statement that christianity and science are mutually exclusive) that science was created by christianity! Bold, and yet, still wrong. Just boldly wrong.

    I'm just rambling really to get my brain to wind down to go to sleep. Nite.

  3. Isn't that a funny little argument? Christianity doesn't spread science; it spreads superstition. I can't think of an organisation that has done more to hamper the spread of science education in recent years than Christianity.

    And I was going to say this, but didn't: Think of the most Christian part of the world you can think of. With that place in mind, do you think of a hotbed of scientific discovery? or a bigoted, ignorant, parochial backwater?

    You can tell why I didn't say that.

  4. That prob could have caused the christian guy sitting next to me to have a brain explosion!

    He got hung up on the mirror neurone thing. Asked me what about the people that didn't agree with the proof. Told him that is the definition of proof. It maks something fact. therefore if you disagree with something that has ben proved, you're just wrong.

    Oh, and once when you made a point, he said (loudly), "But you were a Mormon, not a Christian!' (LOL, when I typed that the 2nd 'm' missed, so I said Moron)

  5. I certainly was an interesting night. I am amazed at how I previously 'believed' and now it appears so obvious (to me) that the Atheist or anti-theist point of view is the one that makes the most sense. I listened to the Christian arguments and was surprised (why?) by how odd they sounded and even more surprised that to the Christians in the audience those arguments held up against atheism.

    I was also very surprised to encounter the "Mormons aren't Christians" opinion. I think that this is just a technicality and that many people accept Mormons as essentially Christian (if they would just get rid of that pesky Book of Mormon I'm sure the Christians would let them in).

    Oh, and TGIAA I end up typing Moron all the time. Sometimes I want to just leave it that way but it's too much of a cheap shot.

    ...and at the risk of sounding like a groupie, Daniel you did an awesome job up there. It seemed to me that you really put yourself out there and spoke about your experiences quite openly... and it seemed to me that the audience really appreciated that insight.