Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baldness, Burlesque and Badges

The Hawk is gone and there is nowhere to hide. We used a number 1 guard on the clippers. I thought about shaving all the way but, well, NO. 

I took my shaven head out to the GenderFuck Ball. (Actually I still had my Hawk when we went) I felt unusually comfortable there.   I received some admiring looks and looked out admiringly in turn. There were some gorgeous dresses and hair and time I'm dressing up!       
I wore a tie, pin-striped pants, lots of black eye makeup and a shirt that showed off my ample bosoms, .. a lovely mix of my masculine and feminine sides if I do say so myself. 

As you can see the lovely sexologist Claire graced us with her burlesque skillz. I think she had a dancers name but I can't recall it. We were also lucky enough to have [a]Prince perform a song for us... something about wanting our extra time and our KISS. 

For my next adventure I am off to Sexpo. First time for me. I'll be applying fake tattoos and handing out flyers for The Australian Sex Party with Daniel from Good Reason. Wish me luck. 

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  1. I imagine you looked simply stunning in your boy/girl outfit. What an adventure!! Can't wait to hear all about Sexpo - never been myself. Oh how I'd love to be going and seeing you there. Next year, perhaps. Have a blast!!

  2. I love your haircut. I am thinking of doing the same thing this summer as soon as school is out.

  3. Oh Melanie my lucky no. 50!!! :D

    maybe we'll be IN the show next year Sim ;)

    It feels amazing Kiley. Radical internal changes given a 'voice' though external change.

  4. I'm your 51st!! Love your blog... I don't know why I wasn't an official follower before.

  5. Thanks Fanny :D

    I still discover that I have not clicked 'follow' on some blogs that I regularly follow and comment on. It's easy to miss. Such hectic lives we live, us bloggers :P