Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on Resignation (or have they already Ex'd me on the quiet?)

Shortly after posting this I was introduced to a secret facebook group where people are gathering to resign en masse. Their (our) Mission Statement:

Resign8: For those who believe they should leave the church because of the LDS's association with Prop8, who have been instrumental in funding the campaign to take away the rights of gay and lesbian couples in California. This group is also for those who may have already resigned and want to support those who may be considering leaving the church over this issue and for those who are NOT LDS but want to support those leaving the church. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? The mission of the group is to rally as many members together and send the LDS our resignations EN MASS on the day the Supreme Court rules. Because the LDS church raised over $15 million dollars for YES on PROP 8 and requested that all church members "do all they can" to pass the measure. We believe this is wrong and are resigning *EN MASS* to dis-associate ourselves from the LDS church for commiting, endorsing and supporting this act of hate. Please contact the source of our mission statement for access to the Resign8 and stand with us!

Buuuut it's a secret group so to get the word out Josh Reynolds has created another group, a 'holding tank' if you will, for people to join on facebook. With a really short name for you to remember...

"Resignate: Mormon mass resign for Prop 8 pending supreme court ruling." 

So copy and paste that title into the search engine on facebook and you'll be able to click on the 'ask to join group' button. 

The reason for this extra step and the secrecy is that there are members of the group who have not revealed to their family and/or friends their disaffection from the church and/or their sexual orientation. 

So that is what I am now doing. And if the Morg decides to excommunicate me before then (or if they already have, cheeky buggers) then I really won't GAF because I'll still add my name to the mass resignation anyway. 

So a call out to all ex-Mo's, 'inactive' Mo's, never Mo's, transitioning Mo's come and join our resignation celebration if you feel like making a stand. 

Say NO to H8 and Yes to LOVE! 

Thanks to Laura Bergells for the free download of her happy heart chakra :) 


  1. What a great blog. Thanks for speaking out.

  2. Thanks guys! I love to hear from the readers :D

  3. LOL! Excellent! I've been really busy (and lazy) to post on my blog as of late so I'm going to refer people to your post from now on.

  4. ...and up goes that cute little graph line on my stats page, thanks TGD