Monday, February 1, 2010

And on the Seventh Day She Rested

Have you ever said "I wish there was more time in the day", or "...another day in the week"? Wehehehell, this is exactly what I have just experienced. I feel unbelievably excited by the opportunities available to me now that I have freed up more time for me and mine.

Instead of filling every Sunday with 3 hours of church, preparations to get there, food prep afterwards, lesson prep. in the afternoon etc etc etc, now I have a completely 'new'/open day every single week to fill in with delicious activities with my family and friends. Sigh :)

Instead of insane weekly 2-3 hour Young Womens Presidency mtgs I have half a day to..... well to do all those things I could never seem to make time for. It doesn't end there. Tuesday nights I had Youth Activities to attend from 7pm-9/10pm. Then there were the extras: Sunday night Firesides, YW Camps, Youth Conference, Stake Fri/Sat night activities including Dances (groan!), Lesson Prep, phone calls, emails, I'm exhausted just remembering it all. Goodbye to volunteering all of this time at the expense of my sanity AND my financial security! Just when I was ready to work, I got thrown this curve-ball of a calling that they "don't usually assign to mothers of young children" but they "had a strong witness that it was the right call". Hmmmm. I reclaim my time!

Now to a doosie I have recently encountered. I was reading some threads about why people stay and why people leave the church. One person posted that they had tried leaving but then they were so bored on Sunday that they ended up going back. What!!! Then in conversation with some active members someone said that people who leave the church "don't make good use of their time, they fritter it away". Another said that they were sure that they "would not use the extra time in a constructive way so they were better off staying at church". Pause. Shake off feelings of incredulity. Ok then. Do some people just need an excuse not to engage in life?

So here's my plan to make everyone happy. If your idea of fulfillment is the rather extensive list of activities mentioned above then knock yourself out. If you'd rather "fritter away your time" then this way please. Bikini's are optional ;)


  1. How I pity people who are still in that boxy building, being told how unworthy they are and paying for the privilege.

    I spend my extra 3 hours sleeping in, with my lovely lady. "Isn't this better than sitting in a building, being bored?" I ask. She agrees.

  2. I reckon I could find an entire waking day out of not going to church!

  3. I remember those "3 hour meetings" it was difficult to get a time that suited family commitments. they were not weekly..that is why we spent 3 hours plannning activities and correlating ...for the month. yes it was busy, but I loved it and still do. I am able to balance my life with work, family and working with the youth. It is a joy to see young people with the same value systems get together and have fun. yes, we tried to make it fun as well as having spiritual lessons. I do not regret working with you, you were an inspiration for many activities. I thankyou for the time that we could work together. Miss you..but wish you happines and joy in whatever path you follow. Give my love to your gorgeous kids...they are very special. I do remember telling you that always put your family first...and how blest you were as a teacher, as you were able to present fantastic lessons in less time that it took me. Lots of love, E

  4. Thanks E. And thanks for making me honest too. They certainly weren't weekly were they, it was hard to get a good time for everyone. Can I chalk that one down to being blinded by anger. I think it felt like it was more regular than that but you're right, it was more like monthly.

    I grieved over the loss of my calling with the youth. It is a very worthy pursuit. I still believe that I should not have been doing it while I had young children though. I know I was encouraged to put family first but at times I didn't. And I didn't make any progress with my education/career during this time. I was just too busy with church, family and school commitments.

    E, we sure had different ways of doing things didn't we. It was hard work, it was challenging, and it was tremendously rewarding. Aside from indoctrination (which obviously I believe to be false) I love the youth program and congratulate the church on a fantastic effort in providing options for teenagers, options in a world that does not offer much support.

    I love teenagers!

    E, I miss you too. I love you.