Monday, February 8, 2010

How to improve your mood

Every 3 months or so I like to indulge and visit a Day Spa for a massage or treatment of some kind. When you arrive they give you a short form to fill out with questions about how you are feeling, what you would like to gain from the massage, what type of oil you would like them to use and how firm you would like the pressure to be.

I usually end up ticking the same boxes every time - Mood: sad, tired, nervous. Desired outcome: Stress relief, relaxation. Oil - relaxing lavender. Pressure: light/medium.

Today I had a very pleasant surprise. I ticked - Mood: happy, excited, contented. Desired outcome: re-energising, improve health and well-being. Oil - Uplifting. Pressure - Firm.

I was so proud of myself as I realised that my improved mood was directly related to the recent changes that I have made in my life. I feel in control, light, happy and peaceful. It is exhilarating. I struggled with post-natal depression after giving birth to my last child and I have never really felt free of that burdensome feeling until now.

I have noticed other positive changes. I had also been holding onto about 5kg of weight since my last pregnancy and I just couldn't seem to shift it no matter what I did. I even remember describing the fat around my belly as the sadness in me that I had not let go of. Now I believe that I was dead right. That fat did represent my sadness. In the last 6 months I have shed those 5 kg and I feel great.

So for improved mood I recommend freeing yourself from whatever it is that controls you. For me it was religion. For you it might be television, the internet, a strict gym routine, unsatisfying work situation, the list is likely an endless one. Be kind to yourself and allow for changes to your routines. Eliminate 'should' from your life. I am finding that as I think and act from a place that is more kind and flexible that I am gaining motivation, joy and energy. It is a wondrous experience.


  1. Inspiring!
    I only hope a change of life direction can see my 25kg of unhappiness leave me!
    So glad you are well :)

  2. thank you anonymous, what a lovely valentine, a friendly comment on my bikini... sending happiness your way!