Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Skinny on Latte's

(Background for this post can be found here. Now that I no longer adhere to the religion I am exploring things that were prohibited under the health code. Also note that at the beginning of the 'revelation' it states that the code was not give as a commandment. This changed over time and it is currently a requirement for things like temple entry and baptism. Also check out this interesting thread on the origins of the code).

So I thought we could do with a lighter post after the last one! Boy that was a tough one for me to write; and without much background it must have been a bit of a tough one to read. From now on I will tuck my bitterness safely away in my pocket when I write about the big issues.

I have a looong way to go to come anywhere close to understanding the coffee world. My first attempt was an affogato. Rockstar (this will be DHs new name for this blog) thought it would be a good start since I'm a sugar freak. It was ok but the ice-cream cooled down the coffee too much.

I had a latte one morning (a large one!) and felt fabulous. Then we went to see Avatar in 3D and I took in a flat white with me (another large one - piggy!). The movie was awesome (with or without coffee I'm sure). Then on the drive to pick up the kids I began to feel much less than ordinary. I had to take slow, deep breaths to settle my stomach and head!

Standing in line at a coffee shop I heard the girl in front of me order a 'regular skinny latte'. Aha! That sounded like it was within my ability level. Success!

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