Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Love

I've said this somewhere before but not here.

It is difficult to say which of these responses hurts more:

a.) TBMs who take my 'apostasy' personally and consider me to be the devils plaything.

b.) Ex-Mormons who left when they were young because Mormonism wasn't their thing and who now smirk at my rantings considering me to be some kind of half-wit for getting so distressed over it all.

c.) Never-Mo's who don't know much about Mormonism and thus also wonder why I am making such a  fuss.

So I guess it is no surprise that I take great comfort in:

a.) TBMs who genuinely care about my distress even though at times they feel confronted by me.

b.) Ex-Mormons who are also fighting back against the Mormon culture that urges 'apostates' to "Leave the Church Alone".

c.) Never-Mo's who can really SEE me and my pain and accept my strange cries as necessary outbursts in the process of healing.

Big LOVE to ALL of the people who have supported me as I have whined like a baby, stomped my feet like some creature possessed and cried many tears.



  1. Dude, I would totally be your sister wife:)

    And [√] for Hugs.

  2. Bahahahha awesome! You can be on baking duties and... I'll take the kids to all the sporting events ;D we'll figure the rest out with rock-paper-scissors or we could recruit more sister wives...

  3. I will be a sister wife! I will take care of all the sleeping and chocolate eating...;)

    And I am happy to listen to/read your ex-mo rants and stresses even as a life-long atheist (I am carefully recording the hours for future 'payback' use!)- what else are friends for???


  4. As a stake president I definitely consider you to be a plaything um I mean the devils plaything is what I meant not my own personal plaything or anything as that would be highly inappropriate for a stake president to desire you in such a fashion which obviously wouldn't be the case.

  5. TGIAA - Um... those tasks (sleeping and chocolate eating) are definitely by rotation tasks! but you can come good on the swearing and coffee drinking education classes ;)

    Stake Pres. - Sorry to tease you like that :P I really should watch my word choices around men who don't regularly 'take care of business' - my bad ;D (p.s. I need to make an appointment to discuss my relationship with my shower nozzle with you, can you fit me in this week?).

  6. I always give top priority in my schedule to sisters who seem to have developed inappropriate relationships with plastic devices.

    In order for them to overcome their weaknesses I encourage them to provide full and thorough accounts of their experiences.

    This always includes any fantasies that they have (since we are judged on our thoughts as well as our actions).

    Due to the urgent nature of this offense please come and see me tomorrow evening at my office, right after family home evening.

  7. That suits me :) We'll be having Hot Mormon Muffins for the FHE treat so I'll be sure too bring some with me to our interview. Should I bring the shower nozzle with me for clarification? Oh, your place or mine?

  8. Please do bring the offending shower nozzle. It may become useful as the interview unfolds. I look forward to our meeting at the stake centre. Being a Monday night we should be able to conduct the whole affair (for want of a better word) in complete privacy.