Friday, April 29, 2011

Stress-Free Kids Party: The Ultimate Oxymoron

Easter kicked my butt.

My daughter's birthday was on Easter Sunday this year and she really wanted to have her party on the day; not a week before, not a week after, the real day!

So we planned it. We sent out invites 2 weeks before the big day to give people enough time to rsvp, figuring that we could always reschedule the party if people were going away for the holiday. Instead everyone bar one said that they could come! party on.

Then the day before the party we started getting calls and texts saying that such and such couldn't make it because they had some Easter do on. One parent even gave me a 'lecture' about how their child's birthday had been on Easter Sunday last year and how they couldn't have the party on that day because everyone is busy with their families on that day. I also had another person tell me that Easter Sunday is for families and that I really shouldn't plan a party for that day. What the...!

Well this was all news to me! As a Mormon I never noticed the Easter Sunday being any different than Good Friday, Easter Saturday or Easter Monday! Well, except for going to church but we did that every week. I had never experienced the Sunday as any different to the other 3 days. I never even knew which day to plant the easter eggs, I generally just picked a day that suited me best.

Hmmm. The morning of the party we had 2 more rsvp reversals and we were forced to reschedule the party. My daughter had a few tears (I had a few tears- thanks A for listening to me whinge!) and then we picked ourselves up and went ice-skating. It was invigorating and extremely enjoyable. (Next year I think we'll have the party there!).

So yeah... just when I thought I could live my atheistic life in peace Easter came and knocked me for 6.


  1. stupid Easter messing up P's birthday. Stupid parents reversing RSVP's. They are the ones who weren't organised and didnt notice the clash in the first place. And what gives them the right to lecture you!?! My birthday is near christmas, that's part of the reason I want nothing to do with it. Happy Birthday P, glad your clever Mum worked it all out for you in the end, and at least your birthday isn't on Easter Sunday evey year, hey!

  2. Jesus's birthday is the 6th of April. Joseph Smith's birthday is December 23rd.

    Don't worry. Pres. Hinckley confused them once, too.

  3. Of course, what an idiot! I wonder how I stuffed that one up??
    I don't buy into the Mormon myth that Jesus was born on April 6th (nor does Mormon apologist Michael Ash btw
    At least I have shown myself to be as human as Gordon.
    So yeah, not Joes' bday, I must have been misremembering the emphasis on the organisation of the church on April 6th.
    Mental note: check facts Maureen!!!