Wednesday, March 10, 2010

By their fruit ye shall know them

Recently I have been thinking about why it is that I feel compelled to write about the mormon church. Well, at first I think I just needed to vent. Now that the dust is settling though I am beginning to see some glaring problems. In my opinion the church has harmed a lot of people since its inception in the 1830s.

I think about the women (and men) hurt by the pointless practice of polygamy. I think about the black men who were told that they were from a cursed blood line and hence could not hold the priesthood. I think about the GLBT community in California who had their rights stripped from them, thanks in part to the efforts of the mormon church. I think about all of these people and I see some real BIG problems with a church that claims to have the monopoly on truth and uses that belief to interfere in peoples lives.

I read this post by crazywomancreek at fMh recently. It is well worth a read, especially by anyone who still thinks that the mormon church is sweet and innocent.

During the time that I was struggling with my membership in the church I received a few interesting emails. Emails that encouraged me very strongly to follow a link and then vote to protect the laws that say marriage is between a man and woman only. The senders would have assumed that I would vote with them. I took great pleasure in following the links and voting the exact opposite!

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