Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time to get off the grid

So Rockstar and I watched a couple of Zeitgeist movies throughout the week and we want in! Or out I suppose. We want to get out of the rat race, stop using dirty energy, stop slaving ourselves to the taxman...

We want to live like the Na'vi in Pandora. We want to support the Venus Project and do all that we can to heal out earth and pass on a greater heritage for our children. A safe and healthy earth full of promise and vitality.

I am going to use greenbikini to post about my journey towards oneness with this earth and its inhabitants.

Perth Zeitgeist Movement


  1. I'm excited to follow your journey. I've watched the first movie a couple of times, and each time I'm left speechless.

  2. I sat there stunned, unable to say much; Rockstar had plenty to say, mostly cursing!

    Feels great to have a new purpose :)