Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Way

After leaving the Mormon church I must say that I felt more than a little bit lost as to all those big questions, you know... the existential crisis and all that. All of a sudden everything was called into question (including my own sanity). What does my marriage mean do me? Was it a mistake to stay out of the workforce while raising my children? Do people think that I am ridiculous? Was I in a bloody cult all this time? Am I really in a giant rat-race? Are environmentalists doomsayers? When I die am I just dead and that 's it?? Am I scared of death now? ..... and the questions go on.

Mentor said somewhere here on blackbikini that "...dealing with our mortality is one of the jobs of adulthood, and Christianity prevents people from ever mastering that task."

So the questions are a good thing then. I know that when I was teaching high school I was so happy when the students would ask questions because then I knew that they were learning (or at least open to learning). It made the day so much more interesting and I usually learned something myself from their inquisitiveness.

So where am I going with all of this?

I have heard somewhere that in order to remove something undesirable from your life that you need (or at least it helps) to replace it with something positive. Rockstar and I recently watched some Zeitgeist movies. Now, whilst I am wary of pretty much any movement or group in my fragile post cult condition; I was also very affected by what I saw. The Venus Project (check out this interesting blog for a more objective view) was talked about as a possible solution for harmonising human interests with the earths own health. There is certainly a lot to consider when looking at ideas such as these but I was motivated to make some changes of my own. I am going to use my other blog greenbikini to explore this new journey. So visit me there if you like...I would love to hear all of your suggestions, comments, ideas about the kinds of things you are doing or would like to do for our planet and our children.

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