Thursday, March 11, 2010

Changes. They may be small but over time...

I want to live the best life that I can and I want to encourage harmony between humans and the earth that sustains us. I want to do all that I can to improve the health of the earth for the enjoyment of my children and their children...

Baby steps...


I will by fresh tomatoes instead of tinned.
I will buy organic potatoes.
Source a better brand of milk for my family.
Buy organic apples, or wash/peel them if organic is super expensive.

In my eco-friendly future:

Grow my own tomatoes.
Grow my own potatoes.
Have a cow man!
Ooh, an orchard.


  1. This pretty much translates to all tinned foods actually... and while we're at it, soft drink/fizzy pop/soda. I sometimes a enjoy a cold coke but I will opt for 1. glass bottle 2. plastic bottle 3. aluminium can - If I'm desperado!

  2. To be honest I haven't made all of these changes yet (shhh!). Certainly, it is a good idea to read widely. I only posted the ones that I had heard elsewhere previously. This article above just reminded me of things I had read some time ago and hadn't yet changed.

    Update - I've been buying fresh tomatoes to cook with but I still have some tinned ones on hand in case of 'emergencies'.

    I haven't been buying organic potatoes, oops! I'll have a look when I go to the fruit and veg shop this Fri.

    I've decided to wash my apples thoroughly rather than peel them since all the nutrients are packed just under the skin.

    We tried a new brand of milk. More expensive and I couldn't make much sense of the label. It didn't taste too good. I need to do more research on milk.