Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Right and Wrong

How many things can you squarely put into these two categories?

I am finding that these 2 once very full categories are haemorrhaging badly like there's no tomorrow. (There is a tomorrow).

To the point that I feel very wishy-washy and I'm getting a sore butt from lots of fence sitting. Buuuuuut, what am I supposed to do when my compass for life smashed on the rocks of insanity and I just can't seem to make up from down? My anxiety levels are, well, they are often very high let's just say that (can you all please go over to the poll on the top right hand corner of my blog now and vote for 30-days of meditation. Thank you very much).


However, it would seem that I am not alone in this. I recently joined a Facebook group that is organising an event to "End Animal Cruelty". A worthy cause on the face of it. Then someone posted a link to an ethical farmer and asked if anyone would mind if that farmer were represented at the event. Then things started to get interesting...

"the use of animals is wrong. they are NOT products. they are living beings like you and i. it would be wrong to promote animals as products!"

"Those that buy 'organic meats' may feel better about themselves, but they are doing nothing for the greater picture in the end. Go vegetarian or vegan and be done with it, if you really give a damn."

"Oh and if people who make money from the "production, exploitation and death of other animals are invited to Perth WEEAC, I'm out - how can you tell people that wearing fur is wrong but eating cows is OK?"

"What exactly is humane and NOT abusive about ending an animals' life prematurely (ie cows - killed by 6 years of age, if not sooner, when they can actually live 20 years) by ramming a big bloody steel bolt into their heads?"

"Yes there are people at different stages of their journey, however that does not change the fact that the comments made by ---------- are true. If the truth makes you uncomfortable/defensive; ask yourself why."

Now I am not arguing against these points exactly, what I am interested in is the passion/zeal for the cause. So if I eat meat I am wrong/ a bad person/ a murderer? I am undecided on the matter of vegetarianism/veganism but does that make be a bad person? If cave-men ate only plants would they have been able to survive? Is it because our population is now so huge that meat eating has become a cruel practice and unsustainable? Health-wise if I eat meat and animal products from ethically raised and slaughtered animals will I thrive more than a vegetarian/vegan. Is that arrogant for me to even care more for my own health than for that of the animals I want to consume. Sentience? Am I being a monster?

The debates on this Facebook page also seem to be retarding the planning process for the event. I don't think there will be any food available at the event because the logistics of it all have become too much. Making vegan food can be expensive and a lot of the ready to buy stuff has yucky preservatives in it. There was going to be a coffee van but now there are issues over what type of milk they will use. I will be interested to see how this all pans out. Oh, and the event is in 13 days.

There are so many arguments for and against eating meat. Just as there are with many other hot topics in life. So how do we communicate without shutting each other out, demonising, polarising, fighting, killing, destroying? 

There are so may ways to live life. So many routes to take, so many things to consider. I am all for stating ones opinion on something and even venting/ranting about it in the appropriate places (e.g. blogs) but knowing how dramatically our opinions can change over time I think that it is important to remember not to use the "right" and "wrong" boxes carelessly. I think I can use those boxes for myself, what is "right/good" for ME, what is "wrong/bad" for me. Even this will change over time but I think it can be useful to know what works and what doesn't. BUT for other people, surely only they can make those decisions for themselves. 
I take comfort in reminding myself that ... "When we know better we do better" and in the meantime I don't wanted to be paralysed by indecision so I will learn as much as I can; and then sometimes... I am going to go with my gut.

Nom Nom Nom.  


  1. Akin to your "When we know better we do better" mantra is my "We do the best with what we know AT THE TIME". I find repeating this to myself in these times (when you are watching someone abuse the relative anonymity and distance of the internet to demean others opinions, beliefs and values) comforts me.
    Let me know what food they end up having ;P

  2. Within any group you will find the "die hards" who are all holier than /purer than thou.(Look at school for example!) but I think you hit it right on the head with finding what is right/wrong for you. Others can think what they like, but they have no more of a right to push their views onto you, than you had to push your former mo ideas on them. Sure, you can get curious and ask, and take the information they supply, sit with it, process it and listen to the voice inside of you which will ultimately tell you what sits right with you and what doesn't. And be gentle with yourself. You're learning, we all are. These people may sound as though they know it all, but we are all on a journey, one that you never really get done with, in my opinion. What sits right with you today, might change tomorow for health reasons. What makes sense now might not tomorow in light of new information, and or new experiences/feelings. If people are being judgemental about your choices, remember, its not about you, its about them and the lack of control they feel in their lives, and their need to somehow reclaim that control by controling aspects of their lives(and others!)Quit measuring by other peoples yard stick. Whats that old saying about "You wouldnt worry what people thought of you, if you knew how seldom they did..." hehe. Finding out what you think, why and how are parts of the gloriously juicy business of discovering who you are. Enjoy it! I know i am enjoying watching ;)

  3. I like that one TGIAA. Crazy stuff when people start attacking each other for not being 'righteous enough' in whatever cause... instead of saving that passion for the real perpetrators of violence and environmental pollution.

    I remember reading another bit of advice about moving forward but still being present enough to look to the side as well and to be aware of other info. At church we were told to 'stick to the straight and narrow' and look 'not to the left or the right'. So I think I am a bit bedazzled by everything that is now open to me.

    I had an interesting experience yesterday Kath with the "what people think of you" thing. It was also related to some advice about breathing well and standing with good posture bt not 'posturing'. I was sitting in a waiting room and found myself shifting to try and hide my belly roll and then I really looked at it and decided that even IF anyone was looking at it I didn't care anymore. In fact I decided I was gorgeous WITH the fat roll and was going to just let it sit how it wanted to and not try to hide it! (you said something about my curves recently that I imagine helped with that too!) and I felt so much more comfortable and happy with myself. It was like I suddenly realised that I didn't have to pretend to be something I'm not AND that people (if they were even looking) would possibly be encouraged by my more 'real' look.