Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sexy Atheists

"Atheists have always argued that this world is all that we have, and that our duty is to one another to make the very most and best of it."

I have been at a Divine One-Day Retreat  all day today and am pooped from all of the relaxation! hence I am going to take krissthesexyatheist's advice and post some other peoples stuff!

There is a Facebook page called 'Sexy Atheists'. Check it out and add your own photo if you're feeling sexy and atheist.

My top picks from the site are... well, obviously my number one is Christopher Hitchens, pictured above.

Then there's the ever lovely and spunky Emma Thompson.

"I'm an atheist; I suppose you can call me a sort of libertarian anarchist. I regard religion with fear and suspicion. It's not enough to say that I don't believe in God. I actually regard the system as distressing: I am offended by some of the things said in the Bible and the Qur'an and I refute them."
And one for Rockstar...Brad Pitt.
"There's peace in understanding that I have only one life, here and now, and I'm responsible."


  1. What fun! I have to go with Julianne Moore. Redheads for me!

  2. I'm sort of a cougar hunter, and not even sort of. Emma tho9mpson, hellllooooo, my name is Kriss. Christopher "Our Hero" Hitchens what can i say about the guy...I dunno. It will sadden me greatly when the 'something something' about his demise is NOT exagerated. Lastly, you forgot to include yourself, buddy. Awesomeness.


  3. Oh I will miss your deep, velvety voice of logic.

  4. I nearly posted Julianne as well but I was being lazy :P

    Thanks Kriss :) I may add my photo to the fb page when I'm not reeling from being a sub today at a local high school. Holy bejeeesus that is hard work!

    Hey Frimmy, at least we have YouTube. Swoon.