Saturday, September 17, 2011

This was my day. Puzzle and tea. A lovely addiction.

Yesterday I was called in to relief teach some dance classes at a local high school. Yeah I know, when did I become  that person? but there I was supervising the girls with their own dance routines and I offered my yoga/tai chi experience which they actually wanted so we did some yoga etc together. They really dug the meditation. These girls were wired and then they lay still in the dark and I did my trancy voice thing telling them how to breathe and how to 'let go' and they did it. And they loved it. They asked if they could do it during the lunch break!!! these girls needed space to be quiet and to feel the void, the calm.

They wore me out though. By the time I got home I was pretty crook. We ordered pizza for dinner and crashed in front of a movie. Hence, today I needed to recover.

Tonight I went out with one of my besties and got smashed. Yes. So if there are some typos then you'll understand. I've even won an award for posting drunk. I will accept my award later this week in style, with brownies ;)

There's a few things I want to tell you about yesterday. There was a chaplain at the school. He would have been 25, maybe. He was tall, dark and handsome with you know, cool hair and all. The students would have loved him. But he was Christian right. Next time I get called to that school I will ask him some questions but for now all I know is that at lunch time he had organised a motivational rapper to come in and pump up the students. It was pretty cool. Not really my thing but a great effort nonetheless. At the end the rapper gave out free tickets to some gig that he had on that night and he had to specify that it was a Christian thing, some legal requirement that he inform the students of this. I don't have much to say about it atm. I am still gathering my thoughts. The dude was a pretty good advertisement for Christianity though.

There was also a girl in one of the dance classes with a bright pink cross around her neck. I didn't ask her about it. Maybe next time I might, just for research purposes, I won't like try and deconvert her or anything.

Lastly, tonight. Something that came up mid-long island ice teas - was a positive for the LDS church. I realise now that I learned how to speak in public and how to open my heart and give it all. I noticed this when I gave a brief acceptance speech at the end of my final 6-week teaching prac. at a Catholic all-girls school. I simply spoke about how I had loved my time there and how I thought the girls were amazing and that the school was great... and afterwards several teachers came up to me and said that they had really felt something when I spoke. I realised then that I had unknowingly developed a talent for creating emotional responses in others and for opening my heart to people. I like that. I think it is a very good skill and I am grateful to have picked it up. Thanks ol' Joe! you skanky male douche you... you're an animal just like the rest of us and you live somewhere in my bones. You treated some people like crap but you are in my ancestry in some sick way. I'll take what is good from that experience and live my non-Mormon life now, thank you very much.

Look, what can I say... I'm still drunk. If you think you have something to say that can help me I'd love to hear it.
And here come the rain! Ahhhhh, bliss.
Holy crap I am going to press 'publish' now!

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